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Z Nation begins three years into a virus-caused zombie apocalypse, which has already killed most humans. A group must transport Murphy, the only known survivor of a zombie bite who did not himself turn into a zombie, from New York to the world’s last known functioning research lab in California. Murphy had been the unwilling subject of a government test vaccine in the days just before society fell apart, and his blood containsantibodies that are mankind’s last and best hope for a vaccine. However, Murphy harbors a dark secret that threatens them all.

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10K ( Zang Nat .)


” Rather quiet it is particularly gifted with a gun he love Kill zombies And The Account Number Whether felled by a son 10000 EST Target (Hence the name of the son ) . . . . And He Is a good start ! ”

Mark Hammond ( Harold Perrineau )

“Before the Zombie Apocalypse , Lt. Mark Hammond was one of the most respected members of the Delta Force . Military to the bone, Hammond will do all it can to find a vaccine against the zombie virus. Really everything. ”

Charles Garnett ( Tom Everett Scott)

” Before the Zombie Apocalypse , Charles Garnett was part of the National Guard and was based in Georgia. While we might think that the end of the world could change such a man, Garnett continues to be compassionate and do not abandon logic. It does not mean harmless. ”

Citizen Z ( DJ Qualls )

” Before there was a young man named Simon Cruller . Private First Class Simon Cruller . Stationed in an isolated base of the NSA in the Arctic , he was spared the zombie Apocalypse . But its network and security cameras record everything. Thus he became Citizen Citizen Z. Z is a true beacon for those who hear ; a reassuring voice in a devastated landscape, a reason to laugh , a way to escape. It disseminates its messages in all possible ways , hoping that the world will return to normal one day . “

Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith)


“Robert Warren is a former member of the National Guard. Like many others , she lost almost everything and everyone she loved died. Is that why it is so hard with others? Surely. ”

Murphy ( Keith Allan )

” Murphy – Murphy just – was in jail when it all started . The government , seeking at all costs to find a cure then began to do tests on prisoners . It was at this point that Murphy was bitten . In reality , he was torn to pieces by a horde of zombies. But he survived. It would therefore be the key to finding a cure and allow the world to become like before. But the last hope of mankind should he take the form of such a moron ? ”

Mack Thompson (Michael Welch )

” Mack Thompson is an average American. Nicely , a devastating smile, a nice guy , a sportsman , eyes for one girl. After the Apocalypse … Mack has not changed so much . Except that its sporty side rather reveals very useful to kill the zombies . ”

Addy Carver ( Anastasia Baranova )

” Addy would never survive the zombie Apocalypse . Before everything goes wrong , people described it as a sensitive girl with the soul of an artist. But when it is shaken , it becomes a real killer . She can take care of herself , thank you . ”

Doc (Russell Hodgkinson )

“Steven Beck, doc or as everyone calls it, is not really a doctor. It is just a self-taught with a really really strong stomach . Doc is a former drug addict difficult to comprehend but which has a good background when you know it. ”

Cassandra ( Pisay Pao )

” Cassandra ‘s past is filled with mysteries. Trauma hiding there but what are they ? She still managed to survive the end of the world . His quiet strength she just before the zombie Apocalypse ? “